MEAB Metallextraktion AB, a Swedish company founded 1970, is a consulting and trading company, active in the hydrometallurgical field. Our special area of interest is solvent extraction. Our aim is to support interested customers with chemical and technical information and, on request, provide the necessary process engineering and complete equipment package, including start-up services. Our ambitions are built on the following assumptions:
Our customers need efficient hydrometallurgical separation procedures.
We have the knowledge and experience to introduce the hydrometallurgical technique, incl. auxiliary procedures. If MEAB has a solution to the customer's demands, we will have the ability and know-how to suggest process alternatives - an existing process or adaptation of a similar process.

Our customers usually prefer to use their own R&D resources (lab & personnel) in order to secure the know-how.
We will support such activities and make their organisations more complete

The customer intends to build a full scale plant
On request, we will support the customer with an offer for a tailor made, complete plant, including

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